Karasar's ironmaster

Sorrin is co-owned with Karasar's Whippets he resides and is loved by a friend in Lansing MI. 

Karasar's Ironmaster

GCH Karasar's Whirlwind

CH Dragonfly's Karasar Born To Move

GCH Karasar's Dreamcatcher

GCH Karasar's Jester

CH Karasar's Artistry

Dragonfly's Misty Moonlight

Dragonfly's Filigree Skimmer

Dragonfly's Julia Blue Chips

GCH Karasar's Par Excellence

GCH Karasar's Jackpot

CH Jaama And Karasar's Master Plan

CH Karasar's Reminiscent

CH Karasar's Essence

GCH Karasar's Masterpiece

CH Karasar's Captivator

CH Festiva's Knickerbocker

Locar's Martini On The Rocks

Oxford's Passion

CH Karasar's Preference

Karasar's Head of the Klass

Heatherlane Belle Starr

CH Karasar's Artistry

CH Karasar's Impressive

CH Karasar's Lone Ranger

CH Karasar's Klass Act

CH Karasar's Hertitage

CH Karasar's Captivator

CH Karasar's Reminiscent